The pregnancy class is for women and partners to understand what is happening to their body and baby’s development during pregnancy. You will learn about the common concerns, routine pathways and preparing for baby.

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Understanding Labour and Birth

This class offers a deeper understanding of the stages of labour and birth. Some of the topics covered are signs of labour, types of birth, emergencies and interventions, and induction of labour.

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Birth Tools

Birth tools class is dedicated to all the options available for you to help make your birthing experience positive. Some of the topics covered include pain relief, active birth and understanding fear.

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Birth Partner

This class is to help birth partner’s understand their role. A partner can have a huge impact on a woman’s and baby’s journey through this life changing event. We will visit topics such as how to help, what partners will see, and safe skin to skin.

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Post Birth Preparation

The Post Birth Preparation Class will offer guidance on what will happen and how you feel immediately post birth. Other topics include perineal trauma and recovery from the different types of birth.

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Give Birth without fear workshop

Hypnobirthing is very popular and can be very effective. We didn’t want to offer a service already widely available and not suited to everyone. We discovered an alternative to hypnobirthing. A method developed in Sweden aiming to become a globalised movement. The method is called ‘Give Birth Without Fear’. You can research the founder, Susanna Heli. Her book about giving birth without fear is a recommended read.

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