Give Birth without Fear

Give Birth without Fear

Give Birth without Fear is a technique developed in Sweden by Susanna Heli. This technique is different to hypnobirthing in the way that it uses strategies rather than scripts and mindfulness techniques 

Hypnobirthing can be very effective if you practice during pregnancy, but often if complications occur and you are involved in discussions and decisions, it can be difficult to stay focused and mindful. Give Birth without Fear offers strategies that can be used in every scenario. Understanding fear and recognising what it does to your body and mind is the first step. You can then begin to have better control over the nervous system to prevent fear prolonging or delaying birth. From the first few tightening’s to advanced labour, or even preparing your home or leaving for the hospital, there are strategies to help make these moments easier. During the final stages of labour, there is an episode of transition where you can begin to feel overwhelmed and its very common to feel fearful. This is normal and can be useful for you or your partner to recognise the labour is nearing the end and you will be meeting your baby soon.

The teaching and strategies Give Birth without Fear offers is for you to still feel in control and able to be excited about the birth. The biggest impact on your labour and birth experience when you can control fear, is the progress of labour. Our bodies and brains are very clever and built to help us to survive. Fear is useful when there is a threat and can prevent harm by alerting us to the danger. In the animal kingdom, when a baby is being born, the mother is naturally protective and alert. Even in advanced labour, the brain can say ‘stop, it’s not safe’, and therefore prolong the birth until it is safe. If the perceived threat is something that will not be transient, such as pain or the birth process itself, then the danger doesn’t pass. If you are interested in learning more about the strategies taught to give birth without fear, please contact Beyond Midwives about our workshops.

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