Maria and Nadia

Midwives and Founders of Beyond Midwives

Registered Midwives / BA Hons / BSc Hons / Expectancy Licenced Consultants / PGDip Midwifery Complementary Therapies / Cert Acupuncture for maternity | PGDip Give Birth without Fear Instructors

Maria and Nadia are sisters and the founders of Beyond Midwives. Maria and Nadia have over twenty years of shared experience predominantly in labour and birth areas. As midwives working within the NHS, their desire to improve maternity care experiences grew, and Beyond Midwives was ‘born’. Beyond Midwives aims to offer women and their families’ better access to education, care, support, treatment, and advice.

Maria and Nadia love the role of a Midwife. They consider it to be a privilege to be involved in such an important journey. Both Maria and Nadia achieved first class honours degrees in Midwifery and awarded recognition for their passion in Midwifery care. While searching for further study in an area suited to their values, they discovered a range of more holistic care models to support women. Over several years, Maria and Nadia trained with Expectancy and qualified in maternity specific Aromatherapy, Reflex Zone Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Acupuncture and Moxibustion with the leading provider of professional complementary training for midwives.

With the benefit of insight into the current maternity system and to utilise the valuable experience and skills gathered over the previous decade, Maria and Nadia developed an education programme. The programme offers realistic and factual antenatal and postnatal classes to prepare for pregnancy, birth, and postnatal recovery, as well as caring for a new baby.

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Carol Murray

Midwife and Breastfeeding lactation consultant

Registered Midwife / BA Honours / Infant Feeding Specialist within NHS / Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Unicef Baby Friendly Trained / Consultant at Beyond Midwives / Mother to three

Within my 33 year career in maternity services as a Registered Midwife in the NHS, and particularly for the last 10 years as an Infant Feeding Specialist / Lactation Consultant, I’ve had extensive experience with all challenges related to breastfeeding. Through antenatal education and postnatal guidance and support, I have been privileged to help and support new parents wanting to establish breastfeeding. I have also supported safe and responsive bottle feeding to parents who have chosen to formula feed their baby or chosen a combination of both bottle and breast.

I provide training to healthcare professionals, including midwives, maternity support staff, GP trainees, to help parents to access the right advice, make informed choices around feeding their baby and expand the support they can access if things feel challenging.

I am a mother to three, now grown-up children and was delighted to welcome my first granddaughter in 2017 and my first grandson in 2019. It was the most amazing feeling to be able to support my daughter to establish breastfeeding and it highlighted how strongly I feel that every parent should have access to the right support at the right time whenever they need it. I hope to ensure you can breastfeed your baby for as long as you and your baby want.

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Dr Alison Flynn

Tongue tie expert

PHD / BA (Hons) / MSC / Addendum Fellow for the Royal College of surgeons Ireland / Tongue tie Expert / Lead Nurse Practitioner in the NHS / Registered General Nurse / Registered Children’s Nurse / Unicef Baby Friendly Trained / Consultant at Beyond Midwives / Mother

I have worked for 42 years within the NHS and have 14 years’ experience as a tongue tie specialist. I am qualified to perform frenotomy (tongue tie division procedure) and provide parents expert advice and after care. In 2022 alone I performed over 1300 procedures to support babies and new parents.

As a mother myself, I know the importance of those first few precious weeks and months of baby’s life and how the improvement of baby’s wellbeing can enhance the experience for both the child and the parents. With my extensive knowledge and experience, I hope to be able to help and support more families to give their babies the very best start in life.

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Anna Langner

Midwife and Perinatal mental health specialist

Therapeutic Counsellor - Registered Member MBACP (Membership Number: 0966675) and ACTO (Membership Number: 1490) / Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling / Certificate in Online and Telephone Counselling / Registered Midwife / Diploma HE in Midwifery Practice / PGCert in Crisis Intervention / MA Theology / Specialist Maternal Mental Health Midwife / Mental Health First Aid Instructor / Consultant at Beyond Midwives

I am a qualified practicing counsellor registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and a Registered Midwife specialising in Perinatal Mental Health. I have an extensive 23-year experience working within the maternity services, with the last 14 years spent in the NHS. The last 4 years of my midwifery career I have dedicated to maternal mental health, which holds a special place in my heart.

Within my counselling role, I have experience working with anxiety and worry, depression, change, loss (including baby loss), grief, bereavement, trauma, chronic illness, low self-esteem, low confidence, relationship difficulties, anger and burnout.
I have been trained and work in an integrative way, which means I am able to tailor the way we work together to your individual needs using tools and techniques from different therapeutic approaches. You, your needs and wellbeing will always be at the centre of our therapeutic work.
Whether you choose to work with me or not, I wish you all the best on your journey!


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Jenni Jones

Doula and pregnancy yoga instructor

My name is Jenni Jones. I have taught Yoga since 2000 and specialised in pregnancy yoga. I started my classes at Liverpool Women’s Hospital when I was pregnant with my son in 2004. His birth inspired my work in Liverpool with Mums to be and I went on to train as a doula or birth assistant. My passion is helping women to prepare positively for pregnancy, and for the birth which is right for them.

I trained with Birthlight as a perinatal, baby yoga, postnatal, fertility and well woman yoga instructor. My doula training was with Michel Odent at Paramana doula, with Whappio at The Matriona and also Ruth Erhkart at True Midwifery.

I am a nutritional therapist and a trained Birth Story Listener, a therapeutic process to support women healing from a difficult birth.

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Hannah Bromwell

Baby Massage Instructor

International Association of Infant Massage

I qualified to teach infant massage in 2015 when I worked as a health promotion worker at a local children’s centre. During lockdown and at a time I had taken a break from working to bring up my boys, I listened to podcasts and read some literature relating to early brain development which made me realise how much I loved and missed teaching baby massage. I felt sad thinking about new parents/caregivers and babies missing out on nurturing touch and human connection during the early stages of parenthood – a time when parents need support the most. I decided I wanted to create a special safe space for parents to learn infant massage. In 2022 Hannah Bromwell Baby Massage was born and I have been delivering courses to small groups and on a one-to-one basis since. I will be facilitating couples groups and dads groups over the next few months as I understand sometimes that one-to-one time with each parent helps improve confidence and connection.

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